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Private Support packages

Why choose private support:

For some mums particularly in the early days getting out to a support group can be extremely challenging. I can offer either a home visit or a one to one appointment at the Younique Health & Wellbeing Studios in Bexhill (this is a slightly cheaper option).

In your own home environment and during an individual appointment I can guarantee that you will get my full attention.  Support with latching and positioning  can be more easily achieved at home in your own environment, but a clinic appointment can work well too.  More complicated breastfeeding issues can also be explored more fully in a one to one consultation.

Home breastfeeding support £80, which includes:

  • Breastfeeding consultation in the comfort of your own home (1.5-2 hrs)
  • A full breastfeeding assessment
  • Taking a full maternal health history
  • Assessing baby’s sucking skills and tongue function (as required)
  • Making a plan in conjunction with mum
  • Referrals/GP letters
  • Unlimited email/telephone follow up as required

(any aids given to support breastfeeding will incur an additional charge at cost price).

Clinic breastfeeding support £70:

The same care as for a Home Breastfeeding Support visit, but at the Younique Health & Wellbeing Studios in Bexhill.

Pre-birth education session £40, which includes:

  • A session in your own home at a time which is convenient to you (1 hr)
  • Verbal and written information about getting off to the best start with breastfeeding
  • A practical demonstration on positioning and latching baby
  • A demonstration of how to hand express

Full package £110, includes:

  • Education session  – as above
  • Breastfeeding support – as above

Breastfeeding Education sessions:

Tailored to the audience/participants, please contact Jenny  on 07930 521614 or email me:

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